Home Office Set Up: A Recipe For Success

Recipe for business success

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Since the beginning of 2020, working from home has become more common.

In my case, it meant starting my own business so that I could work from home.

I understand there is a lot to process when starting your own virtual business, which is why I’ve decided to share my home office setup suggestions with you, which will offer you a recipe for success in your own virtual business!

Desk Set Up

For me, it is honestly a mix-up between work at my desk, couch, or in the car.

Since I enjoy traveling, I like to be able to do my work on the road. I have this Portable Lap Desk that I use in the car and working lap deskfrom the couch at home. I like it because I can stabilize the laptop and have my phone and post-it notes on the lap desk as well. There are tons of options out there, but I like mine because it has a soft pillow and is long enough to fit my laptop with a little extra room.

My desk at home is a corner desk because that is what fits the best in my workspace. I also own an under desk bicycle, which helps me stay moving when I have a lot to do at my computer. It was awkward to get used to at first, but now I am unconsciously pedaling the miles away as I work. Who doesn’t love burning a few calories?!

Desk CycleI think it is important to consider what setup works best for you and the space you have. Also, know your working style. For me, I sometimes have way more productive days sitting on the couch pumping out content for clients than sitting at my desk. Be flexible, and make the space something that works for you!



Stay Organized

Where are my organized friends at?!

I had to include a space about staying organized because, as a business owner, staying organized is a key to success.

There are a few things I use to stay organized within my VA business. The first one is post-it notes. Even though I use online systems like 17 Hats and Asana to keep me organized, I like to use post-it notes to help keep me on track each day and really enjoy crossing things off of a list. There is actually a lot of psychology behind the satisfaction of crossing things off a list. Did you know that some people are more likely to complete a task if they write it down on a piece of paper rather than if it is only on an electronic list or an email reminder?

I love the accordion-style post-it notes and keep them in my adorable cat post-it note holder .

cat post it note holder

Since I run a virtual business, I don’t have a lot of need for storage items to keep papers organized. I have a file folder that I love using to keep all of my business-related papers and receipts in. Any file folder will do, and you can customize it by adding your company sticker to the front!

A Recipe For Success

A dash of hard work… A pinch of perseverance… And a heaping scoop of passion!

These things are very important to have when starting your virtual business. It is also important to remember there is no one recipe for success. I wanted to give you a list of 5 things that have helped me in my virtual business so far, to get you started on your own recipe for success!

Recipe for business success

1. Computer (any reliable computer will do, I’m personally a Macbook fan!)

2. High-Speed Internet (If you travel a lot, consider purchasing a hot spot as well)

3. Airpods (I love that they have noise-canceling abilities)

4. Software (Check out the systems I use every day) 

5. Blue light blocking glasses (great for reducing headaches from staring at a screen all day)

The great thing about owning a virtual business is that you really don’t need a lot to get started. As long as you have a plan and know what you want to do, you can start putting your business out there!

What Does Your Office SetUp Look Like?cartoon office setup

I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about the things I use every day that have helped me so far with my virtual business.

Every day looks different for me, especially when traveling, which makes portability in my office supplies a must.

Follow me on Instagram to keep up with my business growth and to see what other recipes for success I share.

Let me know in the comments what your home office setup looks like!


Your Wandering VA,


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