I don’t know how you feel about it, but Instagram is my nemesis. UGH!!!! Out of all of the social media’s out there, it’s the one I have the biggest love/hate relationship with. It’s continuously changing and can feel like a never ending cycle. But as a social media manager, and someone who is trying to be an RV content creator, I have recently re-committed myself to learning how to crack the Instagram code in 2024.

I think it’s the fact that it is such a slow burn.

Like some of my favorite novels. It builds and builds and builds, and then finally! Something happens.

I just haven’t gotten there…yet.

In my journey to learn the great world of Instagram, I have gathered a lot of helpful knowledge.

And, just in case you have the same feelings toward Instagram that I do, I thought I would share.

Here are a few tips to help you crack the Instagram code:

1. Short Looping Reels:

In the fast-paced world of social media, attention spans are shorter than ever. That’s where short looping reels come in. By keeping your reels between 3 to 6 seconds in length, you’re maximizing engagement without overwhelming your audience. The beauty of short reels lies in their ability to hook viewers instantly and keep them coming back for more. Plus, if you’re repurposing content for TikTok, aim for at least 5 seconds to ensure compatibility. The magic here is that viewers may not even realize how many times they’ve watched your reel, but with each loop, your message sinks deeper into their subconscious, leaving a lasting impression.

2. Trending Audios:

They say music is the universal language, and on Instagram, trending audios speak volumes. But here’s the secret sauce: aim for sounds with fewer than 5000 uses—the fewer, the better. Why? Because it’s a sign that the audio is fresh and underutilized, giving your content a better chance of standing out. But don’t stop there. Before jumping on the bandwagon, ensure that the original video for the sound has garnered at least 1 million views. This is a strong indicator that the sound is on the verge of blowing up, and by hitching your content to its rising star, you’re positioning yourself for maximum exposure. So, listen closely, and let the beats guide you to Instagram stardom.

3. Consistency:

Ah, the golden rule of social media: consistency is key. This is something I struggle with for my personal account because social media isn’t fun anymore when that’s what you do all day for others, haha. But here’s what I do know. It’s not just about the quality of your content—it’s about the quantity, too. The more content you churn out, the more opportunities you create to expand your reach. Think of it this way: the Instagram algorithm is like a hungry beast, constantly craving fresh content to devour. By feeding it a steady diet of consistent posts, stories, and reels, you’re signaling to the algorithm that you’re a reliable and active creator. And once it recognizes your consistency, it’ll reward you by pushing your content to more eyes. So, whether it’s daily updates, weekly reels, or monthly stories, find a rhythm that works for you and stick to it like glue. Before you know it, you’ll crack the Instagram code and unlock the door to social media success.

In the ever-evolving landscape of Instagram, mastering these strategies can give you a competitive edge and help you navigate the ever-shifting currents of the platform. So, roll up your sleeves, dive in headfirst, and let’s crack the Instagram code together in 2024!

Hope you find these tips helpful for your next reel!

Your Wandering Virtual Assistant,

Tina 🙂