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Self-Care for The Entrepreneur: Find Some ‘Me’ Time

As entrepreneurs, it can be easy to fall into the trap of working all the time and with little to no downtime. I know I've stayed up late just to make something 'perfect' when really I should have finished it hours before I did because it was already finished. In order to combat the stress of the busy entrepreneur lifestyle, it is important to

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Social Media Manager: Why You Should Hire One ASAP

Social Media continues to become a prominent place for businesses to gain new customers. With 3.96 BILLION people using social media worldwide, that is a lot of potential audiences for you to tap into. In North America alone, over 82% of people are using at least one social media platform. I mention these statistics to show you how IMPORTANT h


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Hello there, I'm Tina! I've been doing freelance jobs, and decided to go full time as a virtual assistant! I have a passion for partnering with small business owners and helping them grow their businesses. A Little About Me I've worked in various customer service positions since I was a teenager and have a passion for helping others. I aim t